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Navigate Crisis, Optimise Digital, Bolster ESG, & Develop A Brand Reputation With True Integrity

Authentic, Reputation-Boosting Corporate Communications Amidst Uncertainty & Volatility

Deliver Value-Adding Corporate Comms During Uncertain Times Through Gold-Standard Crisis Strategies, Effective Digital & Social Media Comms, Protecting Corporate Reputations & Authentic Messaging On Geopolitics, Social Issues, ESG & Diversity For Future-Proofed External & Internal Comms Strategies Which Deliver Measurable Bottom-Line Results. 39 Speakers In 1 Day!

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 8th February 2023, Central London.

39 Brand-Side Communications Leaders Share Hard-Won Insights On Communicating With Authenticity Through Uncertain & Volatile Times With Savvy Reputation Strategies, Gold-Standard Digital & Social Media & Proactive Comms During Crises, Uncertainty & Geopolitical Unrest Whilst Effectively Communicating With Integrity On ESG & Diversity To Build Future-Proofed Comms Strategies With Measurable Success

  1. Stringent, Proactive Corporate Reputation Strategies: Protect against risk and build brand resilience
  2. Impactful Crisis Comms: React quickly, effectively and strategically for reputation-protecting crisis comms
  3. Gold-Standard Digital & Social Media: Reach your audience and achieve cut through with engagement-boosting social and an optimal digital channel mix
  4. Authentic ESG Comms: Avoid accusations of greenwashing through proactive ESG comms backed by action
  5. Drive Internal Cohesion Through Impactful Comms: Deliver key messaging to all employees across the business to boost engagement and internal reputations
  6. React Effectively To Wider Complex External Issues: Communicate with integrity through complex external issues to boost reputations with clear, room-reading messaging
  7. Proactive Communications Through Uncertainty: Navigate through volatile and uncertain times to communicate with confidence to all stakeholders
  8. Powerful Measurement Strategies: Showcase the value of comms strategies and secure future buy-in
  9. Stand Out Diversity & Inclusion Strategies: Embed diversity at the heart of your organisation and external brand with action-based diversity and inclusion comms
  10. Deliver The Future Of Corporate Communications: Build comms teams fit-for-the-future and proactively meet the comms needs of tomorrow

39 PLUS! What's New For 2023?

  • 39 Brand-Side Leaders
  • Revised & Refreshed Agenda For 2022!
  • 7 Years of Insights & Expertise
  • 4 In-Depth Panel Discussions
    • ESG Comms
    • Crisis Communications
    • Communicating Through Uncertainty
    • Future of Corp Comms
  • 4 Networking Peer Discussions

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